I have to get my mare cross country, about 2,800 miles to be exact. I have a couple of options for transportation.

One option is a nationally known transportation service that specializes in this sort of thing. Trip will take around 2-3 days and they make short stops every 5 hours or so at layover facilities. Their fleet consists of air-ride horse trailers.

My other options is a much, much smaller outfit. I think it is owner operated. The trip will take about 3 times as long, stopping only at night (sometimes without turnout), and their trailer was described as having torsion axles.

Another primary distinction is which one is cheaper - I'm sure you can guess which one is less. Both companies, as far as I can tell - are highly recommended. I prefer to have my horse be let out of the trailer at night with turnout, so the poor gal can stretch her legs a bit! I suppose the shorter trip somewhat makes up for that however. Their air-ride trailers maybe will make the need for turnout a little less important?? Are torsion axles even comparable to air-ride trailers? I'm not at all familiar with them.

Lastly - with your experience, are you able to bargin much with transportation services or are you pretty much stuck with what they quote you?