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Thread: Has Anyone Seen Cavalia?

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    Has Anyone Seen Cavalia?

    I live near the Twin Cities in Minnesota and I've recently seen a ton of advertisements for a traveling show that is coming to town called Cavalia. To me it looks a little foreign (with horses and riders from all over the globe) and there appears to be a ton of acrobatics from riders on horseback. It looks really interesting - and it looks like a play, or a story is being told. Wondering if anyone has seen this show before and can offer any reviews? It's going to be in town until October 2nd - and I'm seriously considering getting a couple tickets.

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    I saw the show back in 2009 in Washington DC. I'm sure they've tweaked it quite a bit since then - but my impressions are all positive. The first thing that I noticed was just how big the stage (riding area) is. Much larger than I expected. Horses are able to run across it at fully speed without concern for running out of room. The riders are clearly talented behind belief - they do things on a horse that are truly impressive to even the most seasoned rider. They have a huge projection screen in the background where they show some really beautiful natural scenes as well as fine art. The music they play in the background is really pretty as well.

    The horses are impressive - although you must realize that there are times where they miss cues or things don't go quite as planned. None-the-less, I think everyone can appreciate how much work and training they put in to do what they do. Overall - worth the money IMO and I would see it again.

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