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Thread: Do I have legal options?

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    Do I have legal options?

    Wondering what everyone's take is on this one. The neighbor kids - have taken a liking to throwing stones at my 4 year old mare. I've tried everything from yelling at them (trying to put the fear of God in them) to talking to their parents. Neither works. I'm affraid their parents are only parents in the narrowest defination of the word. At this point - it is really starting to affect my mare. Her disposition is changing - now affraid of people who approach her. I'm just hoping she is not completely ruined.

    I need to know if you guys think I have a case here? Maybe I need to call the cops first and start establishing this bad behavior on-the-record. At any rate, I feel that there needs to be some penalty for what they are doing.

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    That is horrible! Poor horse! I would definately first speak with the cops. Maybe the can put the fear of God into them. Also - like you said, it will establish the act on the record. Good luck!

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