Ovation Aeros Showmaster Men's Paddock Boots

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Aeros Showmaster Boot

The Men's Aeros Showmaster Paddock Boots are considered among the best that Ovation has to offer! The boot features an inner sock technology they call Carbosan that is patented and exclusive to Ovation. Carbosan is effective at keeping the inside of your boots clean and free from odor, fungus, and bacteria. When you try this pair of boots on you will likely notice how lightweight they feel. This is partly due to the design of the rubber outsoles that includes air pockets to reduce weight and provide additional shock absorption. The exterior of the boot is made from a high-end leather that is vapor-permeable so your feet will be able to breathe, and in-turn stay dry.

Boot Features

  • Forged steel shank.
  • Carbosan inner sock.
  • Outsole made from rubber.
  • Made from full grain, Vapor-permeable leather.
  • Light-weight design, great for all-day wear.

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