• Horses For Sale in Wisconsin (WI)

    Wisconsin has one of the most healthy horse industries in the country. Over 100,000 households in Wisconsin own at least one horse. The entire equine population is thought to be approximately 325,000 head. Financially speaking, the equine industry as a whole represents $1.5 billion towards the economy of the state each year. Looking at all of these statistics, there is no question that people in Wisconsin are crazy about horses!

    The breed distribution of horses owned weighs heavily towards Quarter Horses. 63% of horses in Wisconsin are Quarter Horses, followed by 29% Paints, 19% Arabians, and 12% Appaloosas. If you are searching for a horse for sale, Wisconsin is a wonderful place to shop! There is an abundance of sellers with horses for sale, and the prices are generally kept in check due to the amount of competition. Take a minute or two and browse our horse ads below.

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