• Horses For Sale in West Virginia (WV)

    The equine industry is far more important to West Virginia's economy than most people give it credit for. Contributing more than $500 million every year towards the state's economy, and maintaining over 13,000 jobs, horses are a very important catalyst for economic activity in the state. Horse owners enjoy all sorts of activities in West Virginia, both English and Western riding disciplines are exceedingly popular. There are frequent shows and equestrian competitions held in many counties.

    With somewhere around 60,000 horses owned throughout WV, there is always a decent selection of horses for sale to be had. The most popular type of horse you are likely to find is the Quarter Horse. This is because the Quarter Horse is sought after by individuals interested in a wide range of riding disciplines. Regardless of the breed or type of riding you are interested in, take a look at some of the horses for sale listed by owner below.