• Tennessee Walker For Sale: Hopewoods Spring robin

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Pedigree can be seen at allbreedpedigree.com under Hopewoods Spring Robin. Also see pics at:


Sorry - no video yet, I do not have help to film.

Robin is 12 yrs old and about 14.3hh ( might be a little taller, but not by much). She stands for the farrier, is current on vacinations, wormings, trims/ shoes and has a neg coggins ( new Coggins will be pulled soon). She loads easily, stands tied at the trailer and for fly spray, stands to be tacked up, mounted/dismounted (and I am awkward due to my weight and a bad back). Prefers to be outside and is an easy keeper. Has not offered to kick or bite her handlers. Black with a blaze and chrome -sabino markings. Is by Image of a Pusher, out of Dudes Calamity. She prefers to ride in the middle or the end of a group - have not tried riding out alone. Not a speed demon, she has a comfortable gait. Will not trot at liberty or under saddle and very seldom seen to canter at liberty. I have seen her pace at liberty as well as running walk. She does a running walk 90% of the time under saddle unless I mess up the cues (I'm still learning to ride gaited horses). Her occasional pace was not uncomfortable and she popped back into a running walk easily when I corrected my cues and my seat. Needs some bit contact and direct reins. I rode her in Eminence, MO for a week in Oct '07 and really enjoyed her. She was a blast through the river and up and down the hills and trails. She does need her space on the trail and a red ribbon in her tail. As she became more familiar with the other horses in our group, the red ribbon became less necessary. I have not been able to ride due to a hip injury since Oct so she is going to be rusty (no- I was not injured on this horse, but I rode her while newly injured and still had a comfortable ride!).

Reason for selling: in order to buy the gelding my daughter wanted, I had to buy this mare too - package deal. I have 4 horses and I need to thin the herd for the sake of my aching hip and back. My riding will be very limited due to my injury.

Asking price is REDUCED to $1000 I will accept any reasonable offer - she should not be wasted standing in my lot.

Horse Details
Tennessee Walker
Other Markings
14.3 h
950 lbs
Foal Date
6  (1 = cool / 10 = zesty)

Riding Disciplines
Asking Price
$1,000   ( or best offer )
Horse Location
Mount Pulaski, IL 62548
Contact Information
217-792-5437  (P)
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