• Horses For Sale in Rhode Island (RI)

    Rhode Island certianly doesn't have an abundance of real estate that is optimal for raising horses. Being the geographically smallest state in the U.S. land is at a premium. Remarkably, there is an estimated 7,000 horses in Rhode Island however, making it the state with the highest density of horses. The predominant player in Rhode Island's horse industry is small horse farms and stables (typically 4 acres or less). You'll find that the equine community in Rhode Island is as tight knit as any.

    If you are searching for a horse for sale in Rhode Island, there may be one that you are interested closer than you think! Even though the overall number of horses in Rhode Island isn't that great when compared to other states, there are plunty of horses for sale in a number of different breeds. You also have the advantage of being able to expand your search into neighboring states without having to travel a great distance.