• Horses For Sale in Oklahoma (OK)

    Oklahoma has the most horses of any state per capita in the nation and ranks 5th in the total number of horses per square mile. With an estimated 326,000 head, Oklahoma is fertile ground for horse enthusiasts. Quarters horses are the top breed owned in the state at around 191,000 head (almost 60% of the total). Other breeds with significant numbers are Thoroughbreds, Paints, and other light horse breeds. An impressive 60,000 Oklahomans own horses and serve as the primary drivers behind the growth of the equine industry.

    Thousands of horses change hands every year in Oklahoma. Our goal in building this website is to create a central hub where people shopping for horses for sale can find sellers in their area. If you have a horse to sell, or if your are on the buying end - we hope you use our website to help reach your ultimate goal!