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    It's been many years since horses were commonplace in New York City. Nowadays you may find a horse drawn carriage taking tourists on sightseeing expeditions, but that's about it. Ever since the primary use for horses has transitioned to one of recreation, horses have transitioned to the countryside and rural communities. There are still over 200,000 horses owned in the State, making it one of the leaders in the Nation. Over $2.4 billion is contributed to New York's economy every year due to equine operations. New York is also home to the oldest icon in all of sport, Saratoga Race Course. Saratoga is the first sporting venue of any kind to be built in the United States and holds a special place for lovers of horses everywhere.

    The two most frequently owned horse breeds in New York are the Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred. You can find a very nice variety of these types of horses for sale in many areas in the State. Our database of horses for sale was developed to help buyers and sellers connect. Enjoy!

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