• Horses For Sale in New Mexico (NM)

    New Mexico has a well documented history with horses. In 1540 the first documented horse race in what is now the United States happened in New Mexico. In 1598, Spanish settlers brough 1,500 head of horses and mules to the State. The next 200 years saw an infusion of horses in spurts introduced primarily from Spain. There are few other states that have such a long and well documented history with the horse. During the settlement era, horses were used mainly for transportation, cattle work, and various other labor intensive tasks. Today, the use of horses has shifted to more of a focus on leisure.

    Whatever your riding discipline, there is an abundance of horses for sale in New Mexico. Home to around 147,000 horses in total, New Mexico has as much to offer equine enthusiasts as any other state in the Nation. Our goal is to help sellers find buyers. Whatever side of the transaction you find yourself on, we hope you find our horse resource useful!

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