• Horses For Sale in New Hampshire (NH)

    Horses in New Hampshire are typically raised on small horse farms. Some 35% of horse farms consist of 4 acres of land or less. Moreover, about 50% of horse owners in New Hampshire own only 1 or 2 horses. The smaller size of hore farms can be attributed to a few factors. First is economical, land and feed costs are generally higher in the Northeast. Another factor is that horse owners in New Hampshire do so for recreational purposes above all else. The most popular activities are pleasure riding, trail riding, showing, and driving.

    The most popular breeds of horses for sale in New Hampshire are Quarter Horses, Morgans, Warmbloods, Arabians, and Paints. People from all areas of the Northeast look to New Hampshire when shopping for horses due to their large inventory. Browse our horse ads in NH and see if there is one you that turns your head!