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    Home to one of the most famous horseman in United States history, Paul Revere, Massachusetts is steeped in a rich history with horses. Early American colonists depended on horses in just about every way. Horses served as the primary mode of transportation, worked as beasts of burden, and were involved in all sorts of recreation activities. Today, horses remain an important component of the States economy and way of life.

    Horse owners in Massachusetts enjoy participating in activities like dressage, equitation, jumping, and many other English riding disciplines. Others simply take part in trail and pleasure riding. Whatever your interest, Massachusetts has a little bit of everything. Our growing selection of horses for sale in Massachusetts covers a wide variety of riding styles. If you're interested in something with four hooves and tail, you'll find it here! View horse ads from breeders across the state, and find that horse for sale that you've been looking for!

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