• Horses For Sale in Delaware (DE)

    Delaware holds the distinction of being one of the smallest states (by land mass) in the United States. At just under 2,500 square miles, Delaware is home to an impressive 13,000 head of horses. That equates to just over 5 horses per square mile! The most popular breed of horse in Delaware is the Standardbred and Thoroughbred. The reason these two breeds are most popular is largely due to the popularity of horse racing in the State. Delaware is home to 3 premiere race tracks that are recognized throughout the region as being top notch!

    The good news is, if you live in Delaware and are shopping for a horse for sale - you won't have to travel far once you find one to buy! Whether your into racing breeds, drafts, miniatures, or good 'ol Quarter Horses, you can find it in Delaware. Browse our listing of horse classifieds and find all types of equine for sale.