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    We have built the most powerful customer control panel in the industry. Our customers appreciate the ease of use and independence that this control panel provides. You can easily manage all of your various classified ads from one central location. When you login you will be given a simple and intuitive account summary (pictured below) that gives you a quick snapshot of your ads.
    View of Ad Listing
    View of active classified ad listing
    To obtain more information regarding a specific ad, simply click on "Manage Classified Ad" button. The control panel makes uploading photographs and making changes to your ad incredibly simple. At any time you can login to your account and upload replacement photos or make changes to your ad. Another great feature is that you are able to preview your ad exactly as it will appear to prospective customers. Once your horse or horse trailer has sold, disabling the respective ad is as simple as the click of a mouse.
    View of Ad Management
    View of ad management screen
    Placing additional classified ads is as easy as ever. Once logged into your account you need only click on the "Post New Classified Ad" button and you will be channeled right into the appropriate order form, saving time by skipping over the registration process. Our order forms are very simple to fill out and should only take a few minutes of time.
    View of Ad Management
    View of ad order form

    Most importantly you will want to upload photographs of your horse or horse trailer. The control panel makes this a painless process. Select up to ten photographs that are saved on your computer and publish them to your account. It takes only minutes to do! Best of all, if you wish to upload additional photos or replace exisiting photos at a later date; the control panel makes it a relatively simple process.
    View of Ad Management
    View of photo upload form

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