• Tips For Selling Your Horse Online

    Horse owners are turning to the Internet as the primary means for buying and selling horses. As more and more people flock to the Internet to sell their horse, the need to seperate yourself from the competition increases. The performance of your classified ad is based on many factors. The good news for you as a seller is that you are in control of most of those factors. Before you list your horse for sale online, we recommend that you take the following points into consideration.

    • Write a clean, concise and honest description. Depending on the the type of ad you sign-up for, you will have up to 2,000 characters to write a description of your horse. The description should not be longer than it needs to be. Convey to the customer the important points about your horse, making sure to include any competitive achievements or attributes that make it stand out. It does help to include your personal feelings towards the horse (if they are positive of course). When you type your description, do not type it in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, this tends to annoy people. Use proper punctuation and grammar throughout and avoid slang words, abbreviations and acronyms. Lastly, make sure you run a spell check against your ad text prior to submitting it.

    • Fill out as many fields as you can. When placing an order you should make sure that you fill out as much information about your horse as you can. Filling out our classified ad form resembles an interview about your horse: what color is your horse, what breed, what attributes does it have, etc. The more you tell the customer the fewer questions he/she will have for you. Since you do not know what the next person to view your ad is looking for, you want to make sure that you leave nothing out. If someone is looking for a kid-safe family horse for sale in Minnesota and you fail to specify this in your ad (even though your horse is great with children), the odds are the customer will never contact you. There are also some important search engine ranking benefits when it comes to the amount of information you provide in your ad. Think of it this way - providing more information opens up the possibility of showing up in more search engine searches.

    • Include a variety of decent quality photographs. Research shows ads that include photographs are much more likely to be viewed in search results than a text-only ad. We recommend that you upload multiple photos of your horse, but having at least one photo available is most important. It is a good idea to show your horse from multiple angles and in different lighting situations. The photographs that you choose to upload should be of decent quality and your horse should be the focus of the photograph. Do not upload a photograph of multiple horses, this only confuses a potential buyers. We also recommend that upload photos that are large in terms of dimensions (not file size), our system will down-size them as needed.

    • Include a bloodline chart. Some visitors will only consider a horse if they are able to first review it's bloodline (pedigree). People who are looking to purchase a horse that they intend to groom for some sort of competition or to breed will be especially interested in the horses bloodline. If you do not know the entire pedigree, fill out as much as you can. Filling out only the dam and sire is better than leaving everything blank.

    • Set a realistic price. Before you list your horse, take a moment and decide on a price that is acceptable to you. It is not necessarily a good idea to list the price you would like to get, instead list your horse at the price you believe it to be worth. Listing a price that could be considered unreasonable will only serve to disqualify your horse from consideration for most prospective buyers. It is also a good idea to indicate how much wiggle room is in your asking price. There is an option to mark your price as OBO (or best offer), doing this will solicit more inquiries.

    • Reply to inquiries in a timely manner. When listing your horse make sure you specify a phone number and email address where you can be reached in a timely manner. It is very important to answer email inquiries and return phone calls as quickly as possible. The reasons are obvious.

    • Self promote. At Lefty's Stable we will do everything within our power to generate sales leads for your horse. That being said, a horse is a serious investment and for that reason you should take advantage of every advertising opportunity available. Your classified ad will have it's own unique URL (web address). As the horse owner, you can take this URL and promote it in any way you see fit. A common way to create some additional interest is to post your link in a discussion forum for example.

    • Be subjective, focus on positives. Focus on the positive aspects of your horse and make them your selling points. Be honest about the negative aspects or short comings of your horse, do not dwell on them. If your horse failed misserably at every cutting competition that you entered it in, it is better to omit that fact than to even mention it. Focus instead on the strong points of your horse or what it has potential to become. Of course if a buyer asks you outright about the horses ability to compete or it's performance in past competitions, you must be honest.
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