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  1. Safety Tips For Riding Horses in the Winter

    Whether you like it or not, the first snowfall is right around the corner. For many of us who live in colder climates, winter is a time when horseback riding can be put on the back burner. A combination of safety concerns for both horse and rider are primary reasons why many of us hang up the saddle until the spring thaw.

    For those of you who brave the cold weather and are determined to enjoy the outdoors with your horse, there are a number things you should keep in mind. I'll cover ...
  2. Are You Ready For The Responsibility of Horse Ownership

    For many of us that grew up with horses, the responsibilities that come with horse ownership are second nature. Early morning chores, scheduled grooming, medical care, and exercise are just a few of the tasks that come with the territory. When you own a horse, you will quickly realize that it becomes a way of life for better or worse.

    If you have never owned a horse before and are considering buying one, there is plenty to consider. Important aspects like disposable income, available ...
  3. What does cadence mean when used to describe horses?

    Cadence is one of those often used, little understood, terms that is frequently used to describe a horse. So when someone says a horse has a good cadence, what exactly does that mean?

    Cadence is the rhythmic flow in which a horse's four hooves hit the ground. A trained eye can easily see a horse that is in cadence versus a horse that is out of cadence. Show judges, for example, watch for this during competitions and use it as a measure of a horse's performance depending on the event. ...
  4. Feeding your horse during tough economic times

    With the current state of the economy - and no end in sight, horse owners are having to become creative when it comes to providing for their herd. Last week I was chatting with a friend who I haven't spoken to in a year or so, and he told me about the lengths he has gone to in order to find affordable feed options. He has had the most success in locating affordable feed on Craig's List. The downside is that he find's limited quantities, and often has to get creative when it comes to transporting ...
  5. First Horse Domestication 3500 B.C.

    Archaeologists claim to have discovered evidence that puts the date of early horse domestication around 3500 B.C., which is a millennium earlier than originally thought. A New York Times article quotes cites an international team of archaeologists who found that pastoral people on the Kazakh steppes may have been the first to domesticate horses.

    Recent discoveries have turned previous ideas of what we thought we knew about the history of the horse on it's head. Previously, it was thought
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