Our mission is to grow both our brand and yours!

The quality of our comparison shopping engine is 100% driven by the advertiser portfolio that we are able to curate. For this reason, one of our top priorities is to continue to grow relationships with our existing advertisers and continuously bring new ones into the fold. At Lefty's Stable we work very hard to ensure a successful relationship on both sides of the fence. We do this by being responsive, engaged, and forthcoming with all of our advertisers – no matter the size.

Current Advertisers

Our current stable of advertisers includes both leading online retailers as well as smaller single-store businesses with an online presence.

Become an Advertiser

If you own, or are a representative of a business serving the equine community we would love to hear from you! Listing your products on our site is a great way to generate additional revenue and gain exposure for your ecommerce site. We offer both CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) opportunities to accommodate whatever your business model demands.

Please note: As an ecommerce merchant, you need to be aware of any sales tax nexus laws and how they may affect your business. We are located in the State of Minnesota. If, after doing your research, you are concerned about creating a sales tax nexus liability for your business, please do consider exploring a CPC relationship with us. A CPC relationship generally avoids any sales tax nexus issues that you may find with traditional CPA advertising. Of course, we recommend that you consult your own trusted sales tax advisor.

Follow the 3 simple steps below to get up and running!

  • Step 1: Establish a relationship with one of the affiliate networks that we integrate with. You will probably want to take a moment and compare the different services and pricing structures offered by each:
  • Step 2: Once you have established an account with one of the above mentioned affiliate programs, you will need to submit a product feed. The format in which the feed needs to be structured may differ, please reference their documentation to walk you through the process. It is important that you set this up so that your feed is generated automatically at least once per day. We rely on the data in this feed to provide us with the most up-to-date price for in-stock items only!
  • Step 3: After you have set-up your account with your chosen affiliate network, contact us and let us know that you are interested in getting your products listed. We will do a quick review of your site and get back to you in a reasonable time frame. Once approved, we will begin going through your product feed and adding your products to our site. Please be aware that this process takes time and is done on an on-going basis.

** At this time we only list companies that have a presence in the United States. All prices listed in USD.