• Scam Guard

    At Lefty's Stable our top priority has always been the security of the buyers and sellers that use our service. There are many horror stories out there of crooked buyers and false advertisements. Scam Guard is our latest effort in making our website a safe and secure environment for everyone. It goes without saying that stopping all fraud is an impossibility. However, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try!

    Scam Guard is a combination of smart technology and relentless effort on the part of our employees. The human element to Scam Guard is an important distinction from what our competetors offer. No matter how good the computer algorithm, there are certain things that computer software alone will be unable to detect. Take for instance the anti-spam software used to automatically detect and filter junk email. From time to time unwanted spam will slip through the cracks and land in your inbox. Our trained staff works hard to monitor and filter website communications, audit the authenticity of classified ads, and answer customer questions.

    Scam Guard works in the following ways

    • Phone Number Verification. Whether you are a seller or a prospective buyer, you must first register for a free acoount. The account registration process requires that you verify your phone number using our automated system. First, you provide a phone number where you can be reached, then our computer system will call that number and provide you with a unique verification code. Enter the code into the appropriate field on the registration form and submit. Your registration request will not be accepted unless the verification code matches.
    • Email Address Verification. In order to post a new ad or contact a seller you must first register for a free account. Our system requires that your email address be authenticated before the registration process is complete. A confirmation email containing an activation link will be sent to the email address that you have specified. Simply click on the link to confirm the validity of your email address and your account will be successfully registered.
    • Geo-Checking. Most fraud originates from countries like Kenya, Ghana, Bulgaria, and Egypt. For this reason we have decided to limit our classified ad services to individuals living in the United States and Canada. When a new user registers for a account, Scam Guard collects their ip address and performs several checks against it. First, a Geo-Check is performed that will tell us the approximate geographic location of the computer that is placing the ad. If the computer is confirmed to be located inside the United States or Canada, registration is allowed. If the computer is located anywhere outside of the United States or Canada, registration is automatically blocked.

      NOTE: The use of anonymous web surfing software or browsing the web via a proxy server may result in Scam Guard returning a false positive. If you feel that you have been incorrectly blocked from registering, please contact customer service.
    • Communications Cross Checking. Our ad system allows potential buyers to contact advertisers via email. The potential buyer will fill out an online contact form which is located near the bottom of their ad. Email communications are first scanned by Scam Guard and those that are identified as fraudulent are discarded. After the email has been initially accepted, it will then be directed to a que where an employee of Lefty's Stable reviews each email before releasing it to the advertiser. By using a combination of computer and human intelligence, it is estimated that we have eliminated over 95% of fraudulent inquiries.
    • Contact Information Protection. When placing an ad, we ask that you provide a valid phone number and email address so that prospective buyers may contact you directly. It is our policy to NEVER display your email address on our website. Email inquires are first sent to our system where they are filtered for spam and fraudulent activity before being forwarded on to the seller. Phone numbers are hidden from unregistered visitors. Once a user is registered your phone number will be displayed because they have authenticated themselves.