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    Lefty's Stable is quickly becoming the #1 choice for horse classifieds among avid horse owners. Every day advertisers on our web site receive high quality sales inquiries from prospective buyers.
    • Sellers love us because of our low prices and rich features.
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    At Lefty's Stable we fully realize that the long term success of our business depends entirely on our ability to match buyers and sellers. Our team of experienced web developers and marketing specialists work hard to drive traffic to your classified ad every day! We are constantly refining our website and adding new features based on feedback from our users. Ultimately we strive to deliver the best user experience of any horse classifieds website.

    Classified Ad Options

    We offer three classified advertising packages, each one competitively priced to meet any budget. Our Standard Ad package is absolutely free and runs for 3 months. This is our most popular classified ad package.

    Advertisers who are looking for maximum exposure should consider our Gold Ad package. Gold Ads appear on our home page and are displayed at the very top of search results (ahead of standard ads)! In addition to premiere ad placement, Gold Ads run for a longer period of time than Standard Ads and allow you to upload as many as 10 photographs.

    Powerful Control Panel

    Lefty's Stable offers the most powerful customer control panel in the industry. Manage all of your classified ads using our innovative point and click interface. We encourage you to take a virtual tour and see just how easy it is!

    Keeping You Safe

    The safety of our online community is our absolute top priority. For this reason, we have developed a proprietary anti-scam software called (appropriately) Scam Guard. Learn how Scam Guard is setting the standard for security in the horse classifieds industry.